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It’s been a while!!

It’s a little late but、、、

Happy New Year!!

and please support us this year!

That being said at last this year too starts with a tour!

Were you all able to have a great new years?

Again I had another new year I don’t feel much about。
But since the first day of the tour was soon approaching I got into fighting mode

So the drawn out long hair I have from last year, today I completely cut ir!
That is proof of my fighting spirit!

more over everyone but Ryota did!!

That doesn’t mean that Ryota isn’t really in fighting mode right!(LOL)

But those feelings are renewed and wewe are goingto do our best this year too so the band can grow more!

First off those coming tomorrow in Fukuoka Let’s have some fun!



Yes i am still working on this ^_^;;; I am keeping up to date with the translating just not the uploading! figured it might be better not to flood the friends page with tons of Tomoya's rants lol

2009.01.04~2009.0109Collapse )

More will come soon! ^^

2009.01.04 Sunday ~ A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Everyone, what did you do for new years?At the start of the year my hobbies increased♪I’m talking about a camera!I finally ended up buying a digital single-lens reflex camera!and so I went right out to Mt. Fuji to take pictures. But I’m not going to put the pictures on the blog!I don’t know when I can get them collected together(lol)

so I want to change the topic!It’s also written in Tomoya’s blog but , I also visited the shrine for the first of the year and got a fortune!After hearing that… I got middle luck☆ after saying that I now remember being told that good Luck was better than middle luck!
I’ll be honest I couldn't understand why middle luck lost to luck so with my doubts I looked it up online(LOL)

The results are the standards for fortunes is this: Excellent Luck, Middle Luck, then Good Luck!!Yes!I won!←won what?LOL

However at places like Yushimatenjin, one section of Shinto shrines it is Excellent luck, good luck and middle luck it seems!That being said middle luck me it seems will have a good year this year too♪
It’d be great if you all have a good year too!Only we know if we are going to have a good year or not so、everyone let’s do our best (^0^)/



Yeah alex posted!! LOL Alex-ron is at it again looking up information ^_^;;; maybe Wikipedia is a good friend of his lol I think Tomoya went with him to the shrine, they have been spending a lot of time together lately (with the baseball boom for sure) I wish he'd update more too
2009.01.03 ~ First Blog


New Year!(゜-゜)

I think this year too I will be writing non-stop on this blog so, best regards(゜-゜)


It’s already the third huh (LOL)
I wonder what kind of new years you guys had.
I had a splendid New Years at home!

Yes, however this year’s Sukiyaki was troublesome but delicious!
Let’s look forward to this year!(゜-゜)

and and,I played Mahjong with an older friend of a relative but, I started thinking about having used up my luck for one year and I’m a little worried.
Honitsuhonroutoitoitontundoradoradora~This year going to be ok? (LOL)

no matter what you do、
the year is starting.

New Year’s resolution?

Appear in the M-1 Grand Prix (LOL)


009.01.03 ~ Good luck

I’m heading back to Tokyo (゜-゜)

Time passes too fast!
It’s the time after huh
Goodbye Takasago!
I had a great time Takasago! (゜-゜)
I’ll practice bowling, Takasago.

So, I went to the first shrine visit of the New Year today!
My fortune. Good luck.

After excellent luck I thought was middle luck but it seems it is good luck.
So in another version middle luck is around the middle fortune.
Has someone heard of this? (゜-゜)

in other words, according to someone’s theory, it appears that my fortune this time is as good as coming after excellent luck。

That’s great!

Anyway, My last name means god of fortune so whatever it’d be I’d be fine. (゜-゜) I’m not a god of fortune yo (lol)

So,the minute I get back have to rush into tour mode!

The minute!
I’ll go to it with grace!


LOL I really enjoy Tomoya's blogs! He seems the most friendly with fans as well.
In Japan within the first few days of the new year it's tradition to visit the shrine for the new year. You can also get Omikuji to see what your luck will be ^^ I did this last year but got mirai kichi or future luck and i don't have a good year till the later part of it lol Well what i learned it was excellent luck then middle luck then good luck little luck future luck and bad luck

I think someone told Tomoya that to be nice lol

=( i really wish i could see this tour good luck guys!

[OOR blog] 2009.01.02 Friday ~ Ah, a cold

Happy New Year

Just like the start of the last two years consecutively

I have caught a cold

I’m in pain、I’m tight、I’m tired. It’s brutal. I’m already going to bed good night



LOL poor Taka! starting the year off yet again sick! He went to bed at 9pm too ^^ early for him i bet
One of my goals for the new year is to stay on top of the blog translation and i'm afraid to say I fell behind already ^^;;; when something like a birthday or holiday comes up all the boys seem to post at around the same time but when that isn't going on it's only Tomoya going on about food lol

Anyway here is the first post of the new year!

This year again
It’s finally here.

The first sunrise of the new year…I didn’t get to see it,
while watching the last sunrise of the year
Iooking back on the last year, party.

Last sunrise party (゜-゜)

It’s really get to get together like that every year huh (゜-゜)

The sun was so beautiful.

I am so happy I was able to see it(゜-゜)

But surprisingly I’ve become bad at bowling、it’s depressing…

Next year too I’ll do my best(゜-゜)



wow this is great! I wish i had a group like that to go see the first or last sunrises of the year. i'm sure it was amazing! i think he is back in his home town so seeing old friends... how great!
The extra picture is another from Tomoya's keitai not posted on the main site so pretty

[translation] 2008.12 b-pass ~ Keyword Q&A

Here is my translation for the 2008.12 b-pass ~ Keyword Q&A section. It's theme is ideas from the songs on the new album.

Hope everyone is having a good New Year! ^_^

Enjoy ne!

click here for translationCollapse )

The rain yesterday was really bad huh? (゜-゜)

This is a continuation of what I wrote before!
After we finished with rehearsal, we just wondered around Koriyama… What the hell was that!?
If you want to call it something, Birdman.
…indescribable it seems a chicken was born with a foot (゜-゜)
I ended up taking a picture to remember it.

Lunch was at a oyakodonburi place near the live house !(Taka had Oyakodonburi+double soba)
They had something called ultimate oyakodonburi, I had that.
SO GOOD!(゜-゜)

Like that the Koriyama live is over (゜-゜)

Everyone who came to the live, Thank you!!

Oh that’s right, yesterday I went to go see Porno Graffiti’s live.
Yokohamaaaa Stadium!
Right after it started it suddenly started raining。
But it was really really kewl.
Yup, but I got really wet. (LOL)
Today with all my might I will go to rehearsal!


I missed Tomoya's love of food in the last one hehe ^^
I love hearing about them going to other people's lives and enjoying music ^^
Wonder what happened at rehearsal cause his next post is titled demon rehearsal.